MG is going to release an entry-level 3 for about £17k

MG is going to release an entry-level 3 for about £17k

Although the MG3 will be launched in hybrid form, MG has not forgotten that there are still people who want a basic manual supermini at the lowest price.

will therefore be equipped with his 1.5 liter engine of about 100 horsepower and his three pedals with his gear lever. Nothing special, but this vehicle is becoming increasingly rare as other automakers scrap their superminis entirely or switch to more expensive powertrains.

It is scheduled to be introduced in the UK at the end of 2024, about six months after the hybrid model featured here.

Pricing is scheduled to be announced in mid-March, so we don’t know the exact numbers, but David Allison, head of product planning at MG UK, said that hybrid cars are equivalent to gasoline-only cars from other companies, and ICE-only cars. said it would be the same. There are thousands of people among them.

This would make the base-spec MG3 hybrid car about £19,000 and the ICE version about £17,000.

According to Allison, the current MG3, which is a decade old and superior in nearly every way, recently experienced its highest-selling year. Alright, you said the part in brackets; he did not. However, it illustrates the lure of the low cost.

He stated that because the new one is better and more equipped than the old, it will cost more even in non-hybrid version. For example, the hybrid model is provided with MG’s Pilot driver-assist system as standard and has two screens.

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