Know how to use Google’s ‘Help Me Write’ feature that is being tested for iOS and Android devices

Know how to use Google’s ‘Help Me Write’ feature that is being tested for iOS and Android devices

Google has made the AI feature for Gmail called “Help Me Write” available for Android and iOS users to try out. At the Google I/O 2023 event, the AI-integrated product was first shown off. The Assist Me With composing element will assist clients with bridling the capability of generative artificial intelligence while creating messages, as well as while answering to them.

Use “Help Me Write” on Android and iOS

Registered users of Android and iOS devices can now test “Help Me Write” on their devices. Email writing and replying can now take advantage of generative AI’s potential thanks to this feature.

When a user who is enrolled in Google Workspace Labs clicks the Compose button on Gmail, the Workspace Labs welcome window will appear. A brief explanation of what “Help me write” is will be displayed in the window. While writing your email, you can use the generative AI to get ideas for it.

The “Help me write” button can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen. To go on, click the button. Then, in the prompt window, enter the content’s highlighting pointers.

For instance, if you need to get money back for a flight ticket that was canceled, you should give AI as much information as possible so that it can figure out how your email sounds and what it is about. For the “Help me write” feature to create an appropriate email, you should provide more specific information.

When you hit enter, generative artificial intelligence will make the email for you. To attach the draft to the body of your email, click Insert, or click the Refresh icon to get a new prompt. Further granular customization options for your email will also be available to you. You can make your response shorter, make your email more formal, talk more about it, and do a lot more.

This feature has begun its global rollout for Android and iOS users. However, it is still restricted to Google Workspace Labs users in the early stages. By the end of the year, we can anticipate a much more extensive public rollout of this feature.

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