iPad mini’s ‘jelly scrolling’ issue is normal for LCD screens, Apple says

iPad mini’s ‘jelly scrolling’ issue is normal for LCD screens, Apple says
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Not long after the new iPad mini was released, individuals began complaining with regards to seeing an weird “jelly-like” effect on their screens while scrolling. Maybe one side of the screen looks at an unexpected rate in comparison to the next, making it appear as though the screen is wobbling.

The individuals who were expecting a fix to the issue would likely be baffled by Apple’s reaction, on the grounds that the tech goliath has let Ars Technica know that the gadget’s screen wobbling issue isn’t an issue by any stretch of the imagination.

A representative let the publication know that the jelly-like effect individuals are seeing is run of the mill for LCD screens, since they refresh line by line. All things considered, it’s typical for the lines at the highest point of the showcase to revive at an unexpected rate in comparison to the lines at the base.

Ars Technica demands, however, that the impact is much observable on the iPad little than it is on other 60Hz LCD iPads, including the most recent section level model that was delivered with the mini. Further, there’s a noticeable line isolating the screen in the center when the tablet is in portrait mode.

It stays not yet clear whether Apple would take care of this jam looking over impact later on, considering individuals are circulating objections about it. For the present, it looks the tech monster’s position is that it’s not all bad for a LCD screen and that clients will simply need to become acclimated to it.

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