In the latest beta, WhatsApp’s big redesign is taking shape

In the latest beta, WhatsApp’s big redesign is taking shape

For a few years after its launch, WhatsApp depended on its recognizable trademark features to set it apart from the competition. It implemented a number of new features over time to keep up with the constantly changing user needs as rival encrypted messengers eventually caught up. Although the messaging service provided by Meta initially felt a bit exclusive and was best suited for lone users, it has now changed thanks to features like WhatsApp Communities. As the market changes, some of these qualities even threaten the dominance of significant social media businesses.

Some key features, such as the UI colors and iconography, have mainly remained same throughout all the changes. The UI of WhatsApp is currently being updated to change its general design. The app will soon replace its dated user interface with a more contemporary one, however it doesn’t seem like Material You dynamic theming support is on the cards. The modifications are already in motion as the messaging giant undertakes some test runs, while the exact release date of the update is still unclear.

The newest beta offers us a glimpse of the direction the UI revamp will take, according to WABetaInfo. The primary chat list had already undergone a redesign when this version was released, but the publisher also activated several new UI components in this update. Version beta of WhatsApp for Android features a top bar that is primarily colorless on the home screen and in chats, a change that many apps adopted years ago with the popularity of dark mode since colorful action bars sometimes conflicted with either the dark gray or white background.

A deeper look reveals a number of upcoming UI improvements. To provide it some separation from both the chat list and chats themselves, the bottom bar in dark mode is a bit lighter gray than the rest of the UI. Additionally, users of dark themes will benefit from updated chat bubbles, and the floating action button will be redesigned. The three-dot overflow menu button has been deleted since the last time we saw this work-in-progress design, however we’re not sure if it will stay that way.

Although today’s improvements are aimed at the Android app, they will also affect iPhone users. However, based on the results of the testing and the company’s preferences, that version of the app might wind up with some modified UI features better suited for iOS.

WhatsApp has experienced several changes recently in addition to this one. In addition, WABetaInfo earlier this week claimed that Meta has started developing a new function that will let users respond to updates from Channels, which are generally intended to be a one-to-many communications solution. The majority of Channel messages work like an influencer tweeting to their followers, but this upgrade will effectively make it possible for those broadcasted messages to include a comments section.

These improvements show how the messaging service has been expanded and customized to become more inclusive. Even while we adored the “closed-in” WhatsApp, we wouldn’t mind communicating with famous people using a stylish new UI. Apparently, WhatsApp is making every effort to create a refined, stylish, and feature-rich messaging application. Keep an eye on it because there might be some more upgrades coming.

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