Here are the latest updates to Google Maps

Here are the latest updates to Google Maps

In an announcement, Google Maps revealed several new features and expanded its current ones.

According to the business, artificial intelligence made it possible to improve the EV charging station function on Google Maps, provide more detailed visualisations, and make more specific recommendations for nearby activities. Neural radiance fields, an AI subset that enables the use of 2D photos to create 3D scenes, are used in many of the new features.

In a call with reporters, Chris Phillips, vice president and general manager of Google’s Geo division, stated, “AI has really supercharged the way we map.”

New ways to search for things to do

There are new methods available on Google Maps for users to look for things to do nearby. Users will now receive information returns with more specific information after the business saw how frequently they were inputting general words like “things to do” in a given location.

Google Maps will offer a categorised list of nearby activities set by theme, as opposed to a list of random activities. According to Google, if you search for activities in Tokyo, you’ll receive results like “anime,” “cherry blossoms,” and “art exhibitions.” From there, you may refine your search even more.

More on EV

This week, the firm is improving its EV charging station feature, let drivers know when a station was last used. This will reduce the likelihood that they may go to a non-working station.

Though those are not brand-new features, the function also enables drivers to check the charger’s speed and compatibility with their car.

“As we think about the future of navigation, we know that a big part of that future is electric,” Miriam Daniel, VP and general manager at Google Maps, on the call.

More in-depth visualization features

This week, Google Maps is adding 50 more cities to its Lens in Maps feature. Previously referred to as “Search with Live View,” this feature lets users scan adjacent buildings using the camera on their phone. The camera scans billions of images to extract relevant information about objects it sees, such as the business name and reviews.

Better navigation feature visualisation will also be available on Google Maps. Google Maps stated in May that Immersive View would be coming to additional locations, such as Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Users can virtually follow a preset schedules with it.

Google said that improved images of highways and buildings will be available for drivers to view while travelling in 12 countries in the upcoming months. Users in the United States will soon be able to determine whether the roadways they are travelling on have carpool lanes.

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