Google releases migration tool before Google Podcasts shuts off in 2024

Google releases migration tool before Google Podcasts shuts off in 2024

Google said in September that it would discontinue Google Podcasts, its stand-alone podcast app, at some point in the upcoming year. As the year 2023 draws to a close, the business is introducing a migration tool today that will enable American consumers to move their current podcast subscriptions to YouTube Music, which will serve as Google’s podcast home.

Since April 2024 is when Google Podcasts will officially end, users will have plenty of time to export their subscriptions. Although Google believes other markets will soon be able to utilise the tool, it is currently only usable with users in the United States.

The Google Podcasts app’s closing timeline was also disclosed by the business. It mentions that till March 2024, American users of the app will be allowed to listen to their podcasts. Additionally, users will still be able to export or migrate their subscriptions through July 2024 even though the app will be removed in April.

In the next weeks, the app will display the new migration option as a banner at the top of the screen. Google’s help website will also include step-by-step instructions. There will also be a way to export subscriptions to an OPML file for people who want not to switch to YouTube Music. You can upload this file to any other podcast app from a third party that accepts uploads.

With the start of a podcasts-only homepage last year and the announcement in February of intentions to add podcasts to YouTube Music, the company’s rival to Apple Music and Spotify, Google has been attempting to establish YouTube as a podcast destination for some time.

By combining the listenership that is currently dispersed across several apps, the modification will strengthen Google’s efforts in the audio streaming space. Although it took longer to address podcasts, the business had already closed Google Play Music years before.

Users can use the migration tool by clicking on “Export Subscriptions” at the top of the screen, then selecting “Export” under “Export to YouTube Music.” At that point, if they don’t already have the YouTube Music app installed, an installation prompt will appear. Users will touch “Continue” to finish the migration procedure after reading the disclaimer.

YouTube mentions that a number of well-known podcasts, including Murder, Mystery & Makeup with Bailey Sarian and New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, are already accessible on the platform.

However, using the podcast’s RSS feed, users will now be able to add episodes straight to their YouTube Music library. YouTube had previously stated that it aims to facilitate podcasters’ RSS uploads.

The business previously included podcast “shelves” in the app to make podcasts on YouTube Music easily accessible. Other features included automated downloads, RSS feed addition, and a playback experience that allows you to pick up where you left off. It will also have an option to “mark as listened” in the future.

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