Google Play Movies & TV Says Goodbye, No Longer on Android TV

Google Play Movies & TV Says Goodbye, No Longer on Android TV

As part of a calculated strategy to combine its entertainment offerings, Google is saying goodbye to the Google Play Movies & TV app. The technology giant is going to phase out its app gradually; users of iOS and Android devices have already been migrated to the Google TV app, and the app has been removed from Roku and a lot of smart TVs.

January will mark the official end of Google Play Movies & TV, but Google has already provided a roadmap so that users may easily carry on enjoying the series and movies they’ve downloaded via the app.

Beginning on January 17, customers with an Android TV-enabled TV or streaming device will find that the YouTube app’s Shop tab will serve as their primary location for purchasing and renting movies and TV series. This information is sourced from Google’s Android TV Help support website. This will moreover guarantee a seamless shift for individuals accustomed to the Google Play Movies & TV interface on Android TV.

In the same way, Google Play Movies & TV app services for renting and viewing content will be replaced by the YouTube app for cable boxes and set-top boxes running Android TV. Meanwhile, YouTube is also a place where web users can discover their home for enjoyment.

“As a result of these modifications, Google Play Movies & TV will no longer be accessible on Google Play or Android TV devices. On Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS), and YouTube, you will still be able to view all of your previously purchased titles (including active rentals), the support page states.

Meanwhile, the business has reportedly started shifting customers to the YouTube app’s Shop tab, guaranteeing a smooth continuation of their entertainment experience, according to a report by 9to5 Google. This procedure ensures a smooth transition despite platform changes by keeping to Google’s pledge to preserve user access to their purchased content.

According to the report, Google’s decision to combine its entertainment businesses under the YouTube brand is in line with a larger trend in the internet and entertainment industries. Apple’s latest redesign of its TV app, which effortlessly combines the ability to buy and rent movies and TV shows with Apple TV+ content, is indicative of this trend. This further demonstrates the industry-wide emphasis on providing more integrated solutions and optimizing user experiences.

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