Google Pixel 8 might let us down with regard to wireless charging

Google Pixel 8 might let us down with regard to wireless charging

According to official Qi certification, the Google Pixel 8 appears to be staying with the 12W charging speeds of its predecessor.

9to5Google discovered this certification on the website of the Wireless Power Consortium, where the Google Pixel 8 is specifically listed as supporting a maximum of 12 watts of power via the Qi wireless charging standard.

In addition, the listing suggests that the Pixel 8 will use the Qi charging version 1.2.4 rather than the recently announced Qi2 standard. To put it plainly, don’t anticipate that the Pixel 8 should charge quicker while utilizing Qi-viable remote chargers.

Does that mean no remote charging update by any stretch of the imagination? Indeed, that is precarious to say, as Google has its own Pixel Stand, which can charge Pixel telephones, as well as the best Android telephones and best iPhones, at up to 23 watts for viable Pixel telephones and 15 watts for Qi-guaranteed gadgets. Although it isn’t exactly the fastest charger, I frequently use a Pixel Stand from the first generation to charge my Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

Therefore, there is potential for Google to release a stand of a third generation that can increase the wattage and output for Pixel phones, but not according to the Qi standard.

However, based on this official information, there is a good chance that the Pixel 8’s wireless charging will not be improved. As a way to differentiate itself from its standard sibling, the rumored Pixel 8 Pro may receive a boost in such charging, but this is just our speculation.

Google Pixel 8: The same old thing

Generally speaking, apparently the Pixel 8 arrangement will essentially expand upon the plan and elements laid out by the Pixel 6. That’s not a bad thing because the Pixel 6 was a great phone despite having a terrible fingerprint sensor.

They can expect the camera bar to stay, as well as the general Pixel configuration, however further developed sensors could be added to it. The Pixel 8 may also offer a variety of smart features in addition to improved computational photography thanks to the likely addition of a third-generation Tensor chip.

AI chatbot technology is expected to feature in the upcoming Pixel phones as a result of Google Bard’s success.

People like the Pixel phones, so it makes sense that Google will build on the two previous generations of Pixels, which have been more distinct than previous versions. However, People still hope that Google will experiment and innovate; Although the Pixel 4’s Soli radar system was a bit of a miss, it was a decent attempt at experimental innovation for the Pixel line.

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