Google Pixel 6 may flow with your ringtones on account of Android 12 API

Google Pixel 6 may flow with your ringtones on account of Android 12 API

Smart haptic-audio feedback is coming to Android 12. The new API, first seen in early designer constructs, permits engineers to make vibration patterns to coordinate with audio outputs on supported gadgets. Presently, bits of hearsay recommend that the Google Pixel 6 will be one of those gadgets.

As indicated by XDA-Developers’ Mishaal Rahman, Google’s next flagship line will support the feature, bringing smarter vibration patterns to ringtones. While this is by all accounts Google’s main focus, proof proposes the API can be utilized for other audio sources. This incorporates games, and all the more curiously, music playback.

The Pixel 6 Pro’s reputed dual stereo speakers make the last possibility seriously charming. It’s a potential clue that Google’s not kidding about the phone’s audio credentials. Combined with these smart haptics, it could make the Pixel 6 Pro a fit pocket boombox.

Rahman doesn’t really believe that Google will utilize this feature to upgrade music, however. All things considered, carrying more inundation to ringtones appears to be the objective for Google. Justifiably, applications would likewise have to help the API to take advantage of it. Nonetheless, the chance is there.

While the API is accessible in Android 12, OEMs will probably have to incorporate the haptic hardware necessary to use it. Try not to be too shocked if Google’s next flagship is the first gadget to flaunt the feature.

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