Google Drive now has a sophisticated new categorization system

Google Drive now has a sophisticated new categorization system

The number of files you have stored on Google Drive may make it difficult for you to stay organized. While you may quickly locate specific files by name using the search tool, it is not very organized. It appears that Google is currently developing a function that would let users organize the data they keep in Drive.

The Google Drive Android app has fresh coding that shows the business is developing a categorization feature, according to code sleuth AssembleDebug of TheSpAndroid. This would be similar to the labeling tool called “Labels” that Google Workspace users now have access to. Even while the “Categories” feature in Drive will probably work similarly, it doesn’t appear that Google plans to limit access to Workspace users alone; all Drive users will be able to utilize it.

12 categories—auto, banking, expenses, home, IDS, insurance, medical, pets, school, taxes, travel, and work—are planned to be included. According to the source, it will be accessible on desktop and iOS in addition to Android. It is expected that the feature will appear right away under Drive’s “Home” page upon release. Here, you can select the “Manage Categories” option by clicking the three dots button. It looks that adding files to one or more categories will be allowed.

The Google Worspace updates just keep on coming

This is just one example of a feature that Google might be introducing to provide Drive users a better user experience overall. Similar features were added to the company’s Workspace suite earlier in 2024; the Android applications for Docs, Slides, and Sheets were modified to include a formatting sidebar. Even though it was a minor update, it improved the user interface by giving users icons for functions like undo and redo. The modifications reduce the amount of clicks needed for tablet users to access these functions within the Workspace apps. It’s not difficult to see these apps become more user-friendly across a larger range of devices as Google continues to refine its offerings.

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