Google doodle celebrates the Venezuela’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Venezuela’s Independence Day

The Independence Day of Venezuela is celebrated in today’s Doodle. On this day in 1811, the delegates of the nation made the official decision to pursue independence from Spanish rule. It became the first independent nation in South America after a decade of struggle.

In 1953, the capital city of Caracas hosted a week of celebrations, including sporting events and military parades. The practice continues to this day. Many Venezuelans enjoy snacks like arepas, which are cornmeal cakes filled with ham and cheese, as traditional music called Joropo fills the air.

Today, many citizens wear red, blue, and yellow as patriotic colors. The national flag has an arc of eight white stars atop horizontal stripes, as depicted in contemporary artwork. In 2006, Venezuela added an eighth star to address the authentic region of Guayana.

Happy Freedom Day, Venezuela!

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