Google doodle celebrates Republic of Moldova’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Republic of Moldova’s Independence Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Moldova’s Independence Day. Moldova exited the Soviet Union on this day in 1991 and gained independence.

The day is typically observed by Moldovans with fireworks, street parties, and family get-togethers. A military parade and patriotic concert are held annually in Chișinău, the capital of the country, on the Great National Assembly Square. Before he addresses the country, the president of Moldova and other senior authorities take part in a wreath-laying ceremony.

The blue, yellow, and red national flag of Moldova is depicted in contemporary artwork that adorns homes and structures all around the nation. The flag’s centre coat of arms depicts an eagle holding a peace-signifying olive branch and a golden sceptre. The auroch, a prehistoric ox that has come to represent Moldova, is shown on the eagle’s shield.

With a traditional dinner like mamaliga, a cornmeal porridge served with butter and sour cream, and a glass of world-famous Moldovan wine, people wind down the wonderful day.

Happy Independence Day, Moldova!

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