Google doodle celebrates Indonesia Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Indonesia Independence Day

Today’s Doodle honours Indonesia Independence Day and features illustrations by Bandung-based guest artist Wastana Haikal. This day in 1945 saw the formal declaration of Indonesian independence.

The day is celebrated throughout Indonesia with parades, carnivals, and marching bands. The national colours of the red and white are used to adorn homes and streets all around the nation. The day’s events begin with the hoisting of the national flag at the State Palace, which is also attended by the president of Indonesia. Public leaders, national heroes, and veterans attend the Independence Day ceremony in Merdeka Palace after the aired event.

One of the most well-liked customs associated with Independence Day is boat races (Pacu perahus), like the one depicted in today’s artwork. The largest race in the nation is held during the Pacu Jalur Festival. More than a hundred colourfully painted boats row down the Batang Kuantan River after song and dance performances. As spectators congregate on the riverbanks, groups of up to sixty people perform traditional dances while dressed in costume.

Being a marine nation, the Pacu Jalur celebration is just one of the many customs that emphasise the value of cooperation. A statement consistent with Bhinekka Tunggal Ika, Indonesia’s national motto (Unity in Diversity).

Happy Indonesian Independence Day!

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