Google doodle celebrates Iceland National Day

Google doodle celebrates Iceland National Day
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Today’s Doodle honours Iceland’s National Day, known in Icelandic as jóhátardagur slands. Iceland, Europe’s westernmost country, became a republic on this day in 1944, when Icelanders voted to secede from Denmark.

Jón Sigursson, an outstanding leader and scholar in Icelandic history who led the country’s 19th-century independence struggle, was born on June 17th. One woman is chosen to be the ‘Lady of the Mountain,’ or Fjallkona, on Icelandic National Day. She is a symbol of Iceland’s struggle for independence from Denmark, which is considered as the country’s “father.” The ‘Lady of the Mountain’ dresses up in traditional Icelandic costume and leads a march before reciting a poem before Jón Sigursson’s statue.

Each town has its own manner of celebrating the day. Traditional musical acts, speeches, and bouncy houses for children are all common features of celebrations. Icelanders can consume national foods such as Skyr (Icelandic yoghurt) and Hákarl (Icelandic lamb) (Fermented Shark). The blue, red, and white Icelandic flag, depicted in today’s artwork, is flown proudly across the country.

Gleðilegan þjóðhátíðardag, Ísland!

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