Facebook and Instagram cross-messaging will end, according to Meta

Facebook and Instagram cross-messaging will end, according to Meta

Instagram users will no longer be able to message their Facebook contacts through Instagram, according to a stealth update made by Meta to its support pages.

According to report, the company stated that the function will end in the middle of December, although they did not provide an exact date.

The support page states that your existing Instagram chats will become read-only, but you won’t be able to initiate new cross-platform talks.

Cross-platform texting was first made available by the social media behemoth in 2020. And now, three years later, the business is quietly discontinuing the feature, despite having added features like group chat along the way.

The cross-platform messaging feature has been removed by Meta, albeit they did not give a clear explanation. The Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union requires that big messaging apps work with one another.

WABetaInfo revealed in September that WhatsApp, owned by Meta, had begun developing an interoperability feature after spotting a screen for “third-party chats.”

The massive social media platform stated in August that by the end of the year, it wants all Messenger users to have end-to-end encryption enabled by default. When the Messenger implementation is finished, Instagram direct messages will likewise receive end-to-end encryption protection, according to Meta’s deputy privacy officer Rob Sherman at the time. If the end of cross-platform texting was connected to this development, the business did not immediately respond.

On the German antitrust body’s advice in June, Meta also consented to redesign its account centre to provide users more control over cross-site activities.

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