David Johnson, All-Pro Running Back, Retires After 8 NFL Seasons

David Johnson, All-Pro Running Back, Retires After 8 NFL Seasons

David Johnson, a 2016 All-Pro with the Arizona Cardinals, announced his retirement from the NFL after eight seasons in the league.

Johnson, 32, posted on Instagram on Sunday about his desire to move on to the next chapter of his life after football.

“There’s been highs and lows, but I’ve felt very fortunate and honored by the people who’ve supported me along this journey,” Johnson said in his retirement post. “The relationships and brotherhoods I`ve formed with so many of my dawgs will never be forgotten.”

Johnson wasn’t expected to attend college, which he discussed in a lengthy post. However, he moved to the NCAAs and worked at Northern Iowa, where he threw for over 6,400 yards and 63 touchdowns in four seasons.

For his efforts, the Cardinals selected him in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft, but he will be a backup to speedster Chris Johnson in the backfield.

But when the older Johnson got injured, he got his chance. David Johnson totaled a whopping 120 yards and one touchdown in his first career start, and two weeks later had 187 rushing yards and three touchdowns against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“2 games in, getting my uniform and cleats put in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton,” Johnson wrote.

In 2016, Johnson established himself as the man in the Cardinals’ backfield, totaling 1,239 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns, and catching 80 passes for 879 yards and four additional touchdowns. Johnson’s total of 20 touchdowns was his season-high touchdown record for the team, and he earned his first and only All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors.

Johnson spent five seasons with the Cardinals, amassing 3,128 yards on the ground, 2,219 receiving yards, and 48 total touchdowns.

He ultimately joined the Houston Texans in 2020 and spent his first season as the team’s starter with 691 rushing yards, 314 receiving yards, and 8 total touchdowns. Johnson assumed a backup role in 2021 and was scheduled to join the New Orleans Saints in 2022, where he appeared in just five games and had 24 yards rushing.

“When it’s all said and done, I really hope I impacted at least 1 person on and off the field in a positive way,” Johnson continued. “I hope I was able to pay if forward, from the countless people who guided and taught me the right way to go about business, and giving back with integrity and a humble demeanor!”

“And to the numerous coaches who sharpened my skills in playing this sport. I am forever grateful of you, truly! Lastly, I would not have been able to do any of this without Gods good grace! He did it all so a kid who didn’t have much, was given a chance to do what most can’t. I’m looking forward to my next career path in life. I don’t know exactly what that will be, but I hope it will bring me the same passion, excitement, and love as football did!”

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