Apple Cash will provide virtual credit card numbers for online purchases

Apple Cash will provide virtual credit card numbers for online purchases

Apple Cash in iOS 17.4 beta may soon offer a “virtual card number” that can be used to make online purchases when Apple Pay isn’t available, according to report. This new feature promises a new security code for each transaction, and the number is available through Safari’s autofill, making it easy to use.

Beta will prompt Apple Cash users to “set up a virtual card number.” Once this is done, you will be able to view your card number, expiration date, security code, etc. from the settings menu. According to report, this number is different from the number used for Apple Pay transactions and is subject to change.

Note that Apple Cash is similar to a debit card, allowing you to send and receive money through Apple Pay and the Messages app. You can store your funds, link them to your bank account or other debit cards, and transfer them. Cashback earnings from Apple Pay are paid out as Apple Cash, and the funds can be used to pay off your Apple Pay balance.

Apple Cash previously operated on the Discover Network, but in 2022 Apple switched to Visa. However, the previous Apple Cash did not have a card number, so it could not be used online. According to Apple, 15% of retailers still don’t accept Apple Pay. You may be able to pay with Apple Cash at these sites using your virtual card number. The feature is still included in the beta version of iOS 17.4, scheduled for release in March.

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