A production-ready form of XUV.E8 based on XUV700 has been revealed

A production-ready form of XUV.E8 based on XUV700 has been revealed

Mahindra is preparing to challenge Tata Motors’ dominance in the very competitive Indian EV market by implementing a planned rollout plan in 2024. Along with other models that ride on the INGLO platform, the business is scheduled to release the revised XUV400 and the new XUV300 EV, but the upcoming XUV700 EV-also known as the XUV.e8 in its concept form-is the real game-changer.

A recent spy photo shows the XUV.e8 inside the factory premises in a nearly finished production form, giving us a preview of what’s to come in late 2024. The XUV.e8 and the XUV700 share a number of external panels, as shown by the XUV700’s recognizable doors, bonnet, and roofline.

The XUV.e8 stands apart, though, thanks to its distinctive fascia that includes a full-width LED light bar that dominates the front end and smoothly integrates into the bumper. There’s the iconic sealed-off grille that EVs are known for, and the bumper has headlamp housings that are shaped like triangles. Although it is not evident in the spy photo, the rear design is anticipated to reflect the XUV700’s sleek and stylish appearance.

The interior of the XUV.e8 is shown in design spy photos, and it is a very advanced cabin with three horizontally oriented screens. Complete vehicle information is displayed on three screens: one for the passenger and one for infotainment. The digital driver’s display is mounted behind the steering wheel. The cabin also features a redesigned two-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom, recalling the design of Tata SUVs, and a touch-based climate control panel. Six times after aftermarket alloys break on the highway, a Toyota Fortuner rolls over.

Mahindra will use some components sharing with the traditional XUV700 in order to stay competitive. Anticipate shared parts like seats, door panels, and switchgear to maintain a balance between cost-effectiveness and creativity.

Based on Mahindra’s INGLO skateboard platform, the XUV.e8 is a distinct offering even though it shares a body with the XUV700. Promises include an 80kWh battery option and an all-wheel-drive system. Power outputs will vary from 230hp to more than 350hp. By December 2024, this electric car giant will go on sale, signaling Mahindra’s entry into the electric vehicle market.

The introduction of Mahindra’s XUV.e8 represents a major advancement toward a competitive and sustainable EV lineup. A cutting-edge design, cutting-edge features, and powerful performance that sets it distinct in the changing Indian electric vehicle landscape are what make its launch in late 2024 exciting to watch. Mahindra’s first high-performance electric SUV that can accommodate a whole family on a single trip will be the XUV.E8.

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