A few features are being removed from Spotify’s free service in India

A few features are being removed from Spotify’s free service in India

Spotify, the well-known music streaming service, is currently removing some services for free users that were previously accessible to everyone in an effort to convince consumers to purchase the Premium plan. The implementation of this reform has begun in India. Here are the relevant information.

These Features Are No Longer Available to Free Users of Spotify

It is reported that features like repeating songs, skipping to a certain part of a song, and accessing before songs will not be available to people using Spotify for free. Additionally, it won’t be possible to change the playlist’s order.

Song shuffle is not available to free users. Instead, the Smart Shuffle function will now be available (by default), allowing users to receive song recommendations based on their listening preferences.

The changes are reportedly live on the Spotify app right now. Users of Spotify will receive in-app updates letting them know about the change. Many music streaming services do this to attract new customers, but Spotify’s choice may be met with backlash considering that these features are quite standard and available on all of them. Additionally, this can cause users to move to other applications like YouTube Music.

A certain group of people won’t mind upgrading to Spotify Premium, though. For those who don’t already know, the plan costs Rs 119 a month for an individual membership and offers group sessions, 10K song downloads per device, and ad-free music. It can also be used on up to 5 different devices. A Duo plan and a Family plan are also available, each costing Rs 149 and Rs 179 per month, respectively.

There is also a Mini plan, which costs Rs 7 per day. Additionally, Spotify provides special student discounts and is now giving away a single Premium subscription for a month. Therefore, the free trial is available for individuals who want to upgrade.

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