A DLSS-like upscaler is being developed for Windows 11 by Microsoft

A DLSS-like upscaler is being developed for Windows 11 by Microsoft

Microsoft seems to be preparing an AI upscaling tool for PC games that is similar to DLSS. The automatic super resolution in Windows 11 preview builds is a feature that X user PhantomOcean3 found over the weekend. Microsoft describes it as a technique to “use AI to make supported games play more smoothly with enhanced details.”

It sounds a lot like Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, which ups the stakes on games and enhances visual quality and frame rates through artificial intelligence. Additionally, AMD and Intel provide their own versions; FSR and XeSS are becoming more and more well-known with the release of new PC games.

It’s unclear how precisely this new high resolution capability will function or whether any particular hardware will be needed because Microsoft hasn’t formally revealed it yet. The tensor cores included with Nvidia’s RTX series of graphics cards are used by DLSS, but AMD’s FSR and Intel’s XeSS also operate on competing GPUs.

Additionally, Microsoft is developing a more advanced color management tool for Windows 11, which will be especially helpful for the most recent generation of OLED monitors that support HDR. For years, Windows has lacked a reliable OS-level color management mechanism, requiring PC gamers to create customized color profiles using a dialog box that appears to have been included with Windows 95.

Color management will be incorporated into Windows 11’s primary display settings section with the upcoming updates, enabling PC users to establish color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3. Additionally, a new feature will regulate these different color profiles automatically.

Microsoft describes this color management capability as “auto color management,” which “makes sure your apps and other content have accurate colors on this display.” However, it’s unclear if this will make gamma curve adjustments simple for Windows 11 users. Hopefully, this indicates that Microsoft will spend more resources on Windows HDR support, which, if turned on across the system, may result in a muted desktop experience.

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