More VCs are supporting women founders, and those founders are requiring accounting, legal, and other departments to have women among their ranks.   “Many investors supported me because I am a female founder. I have learned to pay that support forward by refusing to do business with all-male legal andRead More →

QuickStart’s CLIPP platform offers personalized self-assessment of skills with the help of AI based cognitive learning methodology to create a customized learning and certification path for candidates. Austin, Texas August 3rd, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, QuickStart — the award-winning IT workforce readiness and career development platform — is offering a personalized skillsRead More →

Weiss’ significant technology and entertainment industry experience includes his current role as General Partner and Chairman of Global Blockchain Ventures and as former President, Worldwide Operations, Disney Parks and Resorts.     Dubai, UAE, July 21, 2020, (ZEXPRWIRE),  PlayFuel, the company bringing the power of blockchain technology to the gamingRead More →