The present Doodle, illustrated by Amsterdam, Netherlands-based guest artist Jessica Coppet, praises the 125th birthday celebration of Martinican-French author Paulette Nardal. She is generally viewed as one of the organizers of Négritude, a scholarly development created by Black specialists and authors who participated in fortitude to advocate their cultural heritageRead More →

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The present Doodle, illustrated by Aosta, Italy-based guest artist Andrea Serio, praises the 125th birthday celebration of Italian writer, pundit, and translator Eugenio Montale. Famous for his masterful ability to capture human emotion, he is generally viewed as perhaps the best artist of contemporary history. Born on this day inRead More →

Pearls are the natural world’s just gemstone framed in a living creature. Out of the 54 nations on the continent of Africa, there is just a single natural gem known as the “Pearl of Africa”—Uganda. The East African country became a self-governing country on this day in 1962, a anniversaryRead More →

In Korea, residents and researchers the same invest heavily in their unique writing script known as Hangul. To such an extent, indeed, that there is a yearly holiday in its honor! The present Doodle, outlined by Seoul, South Korea-based guest craftsman Soman, honors Korea’s Hangul Day (한글날), the main holidayRead More →