World Hepatitis Day 2022: Know Your Hepatitis Risks & Tips To Reduce It

World Hepatitis Day 2022: Know Your Hepatitis Risks & Tips To Reduce It
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It’s essential to know this illness, especially because tomorrow, July 28, is World Hepatitis Day. The health of our liver is impacted by the illness known as hepatitis. It comes in a variety of forms. We can lower our risk of contracting these diseases by being aware of the risks and causes of hepatitis.

Understanding the causes is important, but you also need to be aware of the different preventative measures. This article discusses several hepatitis-causing causes as well as easy measures to reduce our risk of contracting the disease.

What is a risk?

Each of the five hepatitis—A, B, C, D, and E—differ from one another in some respects. The hazards and causes also vary. The most frequent causes of hepatitis illnesses are listed here.

  1. Speak with a hepatitis patient

Your chance of contracting hepatitis from direct contact with an infected person increases dramatically.

  1. Poor hygiene

We are more likely to contract the viruses that cause hepatitis if we don’t practise good hygiene and sanitation.

  1. Personal contact

Blood, saliva, semen, etc. are some of the most typical body fluids via which hepatitis is spread. You can contract hepatitis from someone you had sexual contact or an intimate relationship with.

  1. Contaminated food

Hepatitis-causing viruses could be present in tainted food. Avoid eating any food that is spoiled or that is old. Always keep food in a cool, tidy environment.

  1. Unclean water

Similarly to contaminated food, contaminated water can prevent hepatitis-causing viruses from spreading. You run a higher risk if you drink or live near polluted water sources.

  1. Raw fish and seafood

Your chance of contracting hepatitis may increase if you consume raw seafood like shrimp. Make careful you eat clean, well prepared fish.

  1. Contaminated blood

Hepatitis can be acquired by the use of discarded syringes and coming into contact with a hepatitis-infected person’s blood.

  1. Tattoos and piercings

Hepatitis can be contracted through contact with dirty needles. Make careful to get these services from reputable businesses that treat their equipment with care.

  1. Sharing personal items

You run a higher chance of getting hepatitis if you share towels, brushes, and other personal items with someone who has it.

How may the danger of hepatitis be reduced?

Now that we are aware of the main causes and risk factors for hepatitis. By refraining from these activities, we can help to reduce our risks. The following tips can help you lower your chance of contracting hepatitis.

  1. There are numerous vaccines that can be used to prevent different types of hepatitis.
  2. Keeping up with proper personal hygiene keeps you and your surroundings free of viruses that raise your chance of contracting hepatitis.
  3. Always keeping separate personal items is essential. This lowers your risk of developing illnesses other than hepatitis.
  4. Cooking food in its whole is best. Consuming tainted or raw meat can increase your risk of contracting hepatitis.
  5. Consume only pure water. If you’re going somewhere where there may not be access to clean water, make sure to bring some with you. Never drink water from bodies of water.
  6. Talk openly with your sexual partners. It is crucial to talk about their medical history or perhaps be tested to find out if they have any contagious diseases.
  7. Always be cautious and conduct thorough investigation before interacting with locations or anything that could enhance your risk. For instance, getting a tattoo from a trustworthy shop, etc.

What should people remember?

You can prevent hepatitis more effectively if you are aware of the hazards. In addition to these suggestions, keep up a balanced diet and lifestyle to preserve the health of your liver. Additionally, stay away from alcohol and other chemicals that harm your liver.

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