WhatsApp might get some new helpful features on Android and desktop

WhatsApp might get some new helpful features on Android and desktop

One of the top Android messaging apps is WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta. WhatsApp is frequently observed developing or adding a number of new features to the messaging service. Recently, WhatsApp was seen developing a new privacy feature that would allow users to hide their online status from random people. Last month, the messaging app revealed new features that give users more control over obnoxious group call members.

This week, WABetainfo discovered some new beta data that indicate WhatsApp may be developing a few new features. On beta versions of the app, some additional functionalities have been seen. It is safe to assume that these features might not be included in the upcoming app versions right away or they might even be removed entirely.

The ability to add captions to documents before sharing them appears to be the messaging platform’s first feature. The screenshots offered by WABetaInfo suggest that WhatsApp may let you add captions to a document before sharing it with others.

For sharing photographs, the option had been accessible for a while. It appears that the new feature has also adopted a similar user interface. The screenshot also suggests that WhatsApp beta for desktop is presently using the feature. However, the additional functionality appears acceptable when applied to other systems. If you keep in mind the provided caption, finding the shared documents will be simpler.

Another rumoured upcoming feature has been identified by WABetaInfo. It is the capability to report specific messages in dialogue or groups. Technically speaking, WhatsApp for Android devices and other mobile apps already have the aforementioned feature. However, in the future, WhatsApp Desktop users might also be able to use it. The desktop version of the feature is presently under development.

If a user encounters an abusive or offensive message, they can report it. The action can be carried out by selecting it from the drop-down menu that includes other choices, such as a reply or forward, for example. Reports are sent to the WhatsApp moderation team for review.

If there are annoying companies who frequently send unwanted messages to force you to buy from them, this feature may come in handy.

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