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Yung K, an up-and-coming, Instagram-famous artist from Bel Air, California, is on the rise. Recently he showcased his adventure on his Instagram @YungAk. In May he was hanging out at Kanye’s West “Sunday Session” in Calabasas. About a year ago, he was hanging out in the club with Famous Dex. Most recently, he was promoting God’s Dream, his clothing store on Melrose Ave. The young Californian is certainly making his mark on the rap world. God’s Dream, the pop-up shop and clothing brand, has also served as his record label.

Yung K’s recent song, “Take Me Higher”, featuring Abella D, was featured on Respect Magazine and in the Source. “It’s My Time”, and “Take Me Higher” were both released under the God’s Dream imprint, bringing together the pop-up shop concept and Yung K’s music. Keep paying attention to Yung K. Follow him on Instagram. Listen to him on Spotify, Apple, Amazon or Tidal, and watch his wave grow.

Gabriel Fetterman