Twitter will currently allow all iOS and Android clients record Spaces

Twitter will currently allow all iOS and Android clients record Spaces

Twitter said Thursday that all Android and iOS users can now record Twitter Spaces. When users create a Space, they will have the option to record it, and the recording will be available for public playback for 30 days after the Space has finished. You’ll see an indicator at the top of the Space if you’re in a Space that’s being recorded.

“Recording has launched to everyone on iOS and Android! hope you’ve gotten used to the sound of your own voice ,” In a tweet, the business stated.

In October, Twitter began offering recording to a limited number of hosts, saying that the feature would be made available to all presenters soon.

Since the debut of Spaces, the firm has been constantly adding functionality, and most recently included the ability for anyone on Android and iOS to host a Space. (Previously, it was only possible to host one if you had 600 or more followers.) You can’t host a Space on the web right now, but you can join one.

The new feature, according to the social media giant, is intended at Spaces users who have pals who aren’t on Twitter but still want to listen in on a Space.

Twitter Spaces will now be available to even more individuals, giving the social media company a better opportunity of reaching new clients outside of its platform.

Twitter Spaces also has an advantage over competitors like Clubhouse and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms thanks to this feature.

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