Three new mobile games are coming to Netflix, including its first FPS

Three new mobile games are coming to Netflix, including its first FPS
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Netflix has announced the release of three new iOS and Android mobile games for its members.

This Is A True Story and Shatter Remastered are available to download starting Tuesday, March 22, 2022, and Into The Dead 2: Unleashed will be available soon. Netflix stated in a statement that users of Android, iOS, and tablets can download the games via the app’s dedicated games row.

The game was created in partnership with Charity: Water by developer Frosty Pop. Shatter Remastered is a remastered version of the popular brick-breaking game that debuted on the PlayStation 3 in 2009. You’ll also have to endure hordes of zombies in Into The Dead 2: Unleashed, a mix FPS/runner game.

The game is based on a Sub-Saharan African woman’s everyday struggle to provide water for her family, according to Netflix. Charity: Water’s crew travelled to Sub-Saharan African countries to meet numerous women whose tales are featured in the game, according to Netflix.

Mason, a character in the game, is voiced by Matt Whelan, a New Zealand actor who later appeared in the second season of Narcos.

Since the program’s official launch in November, Netflix has been gradually expanding its mobile game catalogue, which now includes the racing game Asphalt Xtreme and a League of Legends spinoff. Netflix has bought Next Games and Oxenfree creator Night School, released a trivia programme, and is creating a daily quiz series based on the renowned Trivia Crack brand, so mobile games are just one facet of the company’s growing interest in games.

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