xbox series x mini fridge microsoft turns a meme into reality with the series x mini fridge 3

The Xbox Series X mini fridge will be accessible this holiday season

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Microsoft’s finished up its E3 2021 exhibit with a somewhat cool declaration: the Xbox Series X-shaped mini-fridge, which the organization vowed to make subsequent to defeating Skittles in a Twitter poll, will be released in holiday 2021.

Microsoft is promising that the forthcoming Xbox Mini Fridge (the official name) is “the world’s most powerful mini-fridge,” an obvious play on one of the organization’s key marketing points for the Xbox Series X console. Be that as it may, Microsoft took the joke further, highlighting the fridge’s “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture” (a joke on the Xbox Series X’s “Velocity Architecture”) in a trailer.

At the point when the Xbox Series X was first reported in quite a while, right away memed on its boxy shape and contrasted it with a cooler — a meme that Microsoft ultimately inclined toward itself via social media. Furthermore, the upcoming Xbox Mini Fridge really isn’t the first refrigerator shaped like an Xbox Series X. The organization parted with a real, full-sized, Series X-shaped fridge in November.