The iPhone 14 release date has finally been announced

The iPhone 14 release date has finally been announced
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According to history, the iPhone 14 will be released on a Tuesday in September, and a leaker has just revealed which Tuesday to put on your calendar.

Based on information from its own sources, the Apple September Event in 2022 will take place on September 13 – precisely in the middle of the month, according to Apple-focused website iDropNews. It happened just when we expected.

For the time being, take this date with a grain of salt, as it’s possible that Apple is using it as a placeholder. If necessary, the corporation might put the date back for a variety of reasons, and the leaker could simply be mistaken.

According to iDropNews, Apple will hold one event on September 13th, which may or may not be the iPhone 14 debut – but the times fit up because Apple usually does its iPhone releases on Tuesdays in September.

Apart from the iPhone 14, the site’s sources claim that a slew of other devices are on the way, however nothing new is mentioned. There will reportedly be four iPhone 14s (a normal model, a Max, Pro, and Pro Max edition), an Apple Watch 8 with a ‘Extreme Edition’ for more outdoorsy pursuits, a more cheap Apple Watch SE 2, AirPods Pro 2, and a new iPad (2022).

With so many new goods, it’s probable that Apple will hold two launch events, as it did in 2020, when new iPads and Apple Watches were released before the year’s iPhones. If this occurs, September 13 will most likely be reserved for non-iPhone devices, similar to how it was in 2020, with the iPhone 14 family arriving later.

Because Apple usually announces its launch events a week in advance, they will have to wait until September 6 to find out whether anything is happening on September 13th – though leakers may give us a heads-up.

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