The Google app is receiving a new Assistant weather widget

The Google app is receiving a new Assistant weather widget

Initially weather must be perhaps the most well known option for homescreen gadgets out there. So it’s odd that Google doesn’t have a self-branded option, past the tiny little nugget in the Google News widget. It seems as though that is going to change: code in the Google application demonstrates that another Assistant-marked weather widget.

XDA recognized a few strings in an APK teardown of the most recent Google App beta. The application doesn’t show the gadget to the client straightforwardly, yet a little coating brought it out. Also, it’s… it’s fine, I presume. It’s a little adjusted square that shows an area, current temperature, temp high and low, and precipitation. That’s the long and short of it.

While the plan seems like it would fit right in with the new Material You dynamic theming framework, it’s as of now just showing off light and dark modes. There’s still an ideal opportunity for Google to work out the wrinkles previously (apparently) empowering the widget in Android 12, a la those eye-popping new clocks.

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