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Tesla’s in-car cameras boost privacy concerns, says Consumer Reports

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Tesla Inc’s utilization of in-car cameras to record and send video footage of travelers to create self-driving technology raises privacy concerns, compelling U.S. magazine Consumer Reports said on Tuesday.

Consumer Reports said the use possibly undermines the security advantages of driver monitoring, which is to caution drivers when they are not focusing to the road.

“If Tesla has the ability to determine if the driver isn’t paying attention, it needs to warn the driver in the moment, like other automakers already do,” said Jake Fisher, senior director of Consumer Reports’ auto test center.

Automakers like Ford Motor and General Motors, whose monitoring systems don’t record or send data or video, utilize infrared technology to distinguish drivers’ eye movements or head position to caution them on the off chance that they are displaying indications of impedance or interruption, the magazine said.

Tesla didn’t quickly react to a Reuters request for comment.

The Palo Alto, California-based carmaker’s interior cameras are additionally a disputed matter in China, where the military prohibited Tesla vehicles from entering its complexes, refering to security concerns.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said a week ago his organization would be closed down if its vehicles were used to spy.