Pete Davidson signs on to star in I Slept With Joey Ramone biopic for Netflix

As indicated by Variety, Pete Davidson has signed on to star in I Slept With Joey Ramone, a forthcoming biopic about the punk star for Netflix. This is a promotion from Davidson’s last appearance in a rock biopic, as he didn’t get an opportunity to play one of the real Mötley Crüe members in Netflix’s The Dirt (he played the straight man inverse a lot of wild rock stars as a guy from the record label), so it appears to be a decent sign of his star and public persona arriving at a specific level of rockstarness that he really will play the rockstar this time.

I Slept With Joey Ramone depends on the book of a similar name by Joey Ramone’s brother Mickey Leigh, and it has the blessing of the family’s estate.

In a proclamation, Adam Fogelson of STXfilms (which is producing the movie close by Netflix) said that the original book is a “great rock anthem” that will currently make for “an equally great rock biopic” that is “set apart by a universal story of family.”

Jason Orley, who coordinated Davidson’s Big Time Adolescence helming this one, and he and Davidson are writing the adaptation themselves.