Square Enix is going to invest in blockchain games that are decentralised

Square Enix is going to invest in blockchain games that are decentralised
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Blockchain features in games haven’t gotten a lot of love so far, but they’ve now gained the support of a major publisher. In a New Year’s message, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda stated that decentralised games based on blockchain will be a “major strategic theme” for the company from 2022 onward. Matsuda didn’t mention any titles, but he did hint at how the distributed technology would be used in future releases.

Matsuda stated that the startup would use token economies to support “self-sustaining game growth.” While he recognised that many people would be suspicious, the leader believed that at least some players wanted to “play to contribute.” Theoretically, blockchain games give a clear incentive for players to create their own content rather than depending on “goodwill and volunteer spirit.” At the very least, it’s implied that people would create goods in part to gain rewards.

Matsuda didn’t say anything about NFTs in Square Enix games. However, he predicted that those tokens will become common over time, and that the “overheated trading” for them would subside. Don’t be surprised if NFTs become available in the company’s games in the future.

Square Enix would keep an eye on market developments and adjust its development accordingly. However, the president seemed optimistic, speculating that his company would issue its own tokens. The question is whether the market will follow suit. Even a heavyweight publisher like Ubisoft has struggled with early NFT sales for games, and even with hit series like Final Fantasy in its lineup, Square Enix isn’t likely to perform any better.

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