Sony is reported to be planning to include advertisements in PlayStation games

Sony is reported to be planning to include advertisements in PlayStation games
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According to a report, Sony is working on bringing adverts to free-to-play PlayStation games. The advertisements would display in games and are intended to provide a mechanism for game producers to monetize their work while also encouraging them to continue developing free-to-play games.

The in-game advertisements are slated to debut by the end of the year and will show in understated locations within the game, such as billboards. According to report, players might be rewarded for watching advertising, which would be sold through a secret marketplace. According to Insider, Sony hasn’t determined whether or not it will take a cut of ad revenue, but it is exploring charging developers and publishers for user data.

A request for comment from Sony was not immediately returned.

The news of Sony’s plans comes after Insider reported last week that Microsoft was preparing to do something similar with free-to-play Xbox titles. Sources informed Insider that ads in free-to-play Xbox games will start appearing later this year, and Microsoft will not receive a portion of the money.

Advertisers may need persuasion to join the scheme, according to the Insider article. Ads next to mature or violent content could be problematic, and tracking what users do after seeing an in-game ad could be challenging. According to Insider, Microsoft is also concerned about the risk of adverts irritating gamers.

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