New Nintendo Switch will purportedly be released in September

New Nintendo Switch will purportedly be released in September

Nintendo is purportedly intending to start the assembly of a new, redesigned Switch when July with a planned release date in September or October of this current year.

As revealed by Bloomberg, this new console will probably be priced higher than the current $299 Switch model, and the official declaration may occur before E3 to “allow publishers to showcase their full range of Switch games at the global event.”

This new Switch, which many have come to call the Switch Pro, will be sold close by the $199 Nintendo Switch Lite and would in the long run supplant the current standard model.

As recently announced, this new Switch is said to feature a 7-inch Samsung Display Co. OLED display and faster Nvidia Corp. graphics silicon that will make 4K resolution possible when docked to a TV.

The greater cost, as per Bloomberg, was decided in part because of “pricier components and rising labor costs in China.” While the new price is currently unknown, suppliers “expect their per-unit revenue from business with Nintendo to increase.”

In spite of the continuous semiconductor chip shortages, providers are certain they can satisfy Nintendo’s orders as the parts Nintendo is utilizing are unique in relation to those utilized by such systems as PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This could generally change, as Nintendo itself has cautioned that it can’t do sufficient Switch consoles to meet demand, and that may proceed.

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