New Cooking Mama and Frogger games are coming to Apple Arcade in June

New Cooking Mama and Frogger games are coming to Apple Arcade in June

For its June additions to Apple Arcade, Apple has lined up a trio of famous Japanese developers. Konami’s Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins (a sequel to the early Arcade game Frogger in Toy Town), which opens on June 3rd, is the first of four titles revealed today for the subscription service. On June 17th, Cooking Mama: Cuisine will release, which shakes up the cooking formula by requiring players to figure out ingredients rather than simply choosing a premade recipe.

Air Twister, from famed designer Yu Suzuki, who is best known for titles like Shenmue and Off Run, will round out the roster on June 24th. The official description is as follows:

Players will take on the role of Princess Arch, who must battle off strange invaders in order to save their planet from extinction. Before piercing their adversaries, they’ll shower down their homing arrows to trace exquisite arcs of light throughout stunning, artfully crafted stages. The fate of the planet is in the hands of the player, thanks to a simple and exciting touchscreen swipe-shooting gameplay mechanic.

(This month, Apple Arcade will add a jigsaw puzzle game to the App Store classics section.) It will be released on June 10th.)

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