Meta’s Messenger app is rolling out new ‘Calls’ tab for iOS and Android

Meta’s Messenger app is rolling out new ‘Calls’ tab for iOS and Android

Meta has added a new ‘Calls’ tab to its Messenger app for iOS and Android users worldwide. The new tab will keep track of all of the calls you make or receive in the app in one place, making it easier to connect calls with a single push. It also serves as a reminder to people who don’t use the function on a regular basis that they can use the app for audio or video calls in addition to text-based messaging.

As part of its attempt to make Messenger a singular experience, Facebook removed messaging from the main Facebook app in 2014, forcing mobile users to download a separate one to continue utilising the service.

In 2015, the video call function was introduced, followed by Instagram cross-app messaging and, eventually, cross-app group chats. It recently added additional shortcuts, such as the @everyone tag, which alerts everyone in a conversation, and the /silent switch, which sends a message without causing notifications for everyone else in the group.

According to Meta, the number of audio and video calls made each day has surged by 40% since early 2020, with 300 million calls made every day. Voice calls were initially added to the Messenger app in 2013, and this latest addition puts it a step closer to becoming a comprehensive communication hub. There’s a lot of competition for calling apps (like your phone app, Meta’s own WhatsApp, or whatever Google is doing right now), but the stats indicate that it’s a popular choice among many people.

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