LG’s Best 5G Phone of 2020 is likewise the first Android 11 update

LG’s Best 5G Phone of 2020 is likewise the first Android 11 update

As lousy a year as LG had, neglecting to resuscitate its long-sickly mobile business with exceptionally trial gadgets like the Wing and an in a instantly forgettable ordinary leader, there’s no denying the organization got in any event one thing directly in 2020.

The 5G-enabled Velvet undeniably was and still is in a limited way truly outstanding and particularly prettiest upper mid-range handsets accessible in the US.

Accordingly, it shouldn’t come as a major astonishment that the Snapdragon 765-powered 6.8-incher is the brand’s first cell phone to be authoritatively updated to the freshest Android version… in South Korea.

Clearly delivered running Android 10 out the container both domestically and universally, the LG Velvet has begun accepting a massive assortment of over-the-air Android 11 goodies tipping in at multiple gigs eventually recently.

While we don’t have a changelog to impart to you presently, that download size appears to recommend this specific update goes really substantial on the restrictive UI advancements and changes, in contrast to, say, the as of late conveyed OTA advancements to a few Sony high-enders and a mid-officer, every one of which weighed under 1GB.

That may clarify why LG required such a lot of time to bring arguably its most fascinating telephone of 2020 forward-thinking, despite the fact that it’s likewise certainly worth featuring that each one of those Samsung One UI 3.0 and 3.1 conveyances of the most recent couple of weeks far surpassed 2GB of their own.

Unfortunately, there’s likewise no reason to anticipate that LG should spread the Android 11 love for the wonderful and sensibly incredible Velvet 5G to the US and other Western business sectors at any point in the near future, and the equivalent goes for the organization’s updates for gadgets like the V60 ThinQ 5G, Wing 5G, K92 5G, or Stylo 6. Obviously, these telephones will ultimately be elevated to the most recent OS version around the globe, yet it’s basically difficult to know when that may occur.

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