Instagram is putting its new TikTok-like layout to test on unsuspecting users

Instagram is putting its new TikTok-like layout to test on unsuspecting users
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What you should know

  • Instagram is getting a new full-screen feed that resembles TikTok more than the old Instagram.
  • Mark Zuckerberg stated that the new Instagram interface is being rolled out to certain users and that the company is seeking feedback.
  • Instagram has been tweaking its app in an attempt to entice users away from other media-heavy social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat.

Instagram’s new full-screen feed layout is starting to roll out to a small number of users to evaluate interest. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, revealed that the new Instagram layout will “make it easier to discover content and connect with friends.” It’s unclear how this will be achieved with the new UI, given all of the forward-facing buttons appear to be identical to the present layout.

Early in May, reporters first saw the new layout, which was aimed to “bring video more front and center” than Instagram’s previous look, according to a Meta representative. Instagram has been seeking for a way to carve out a piece of this new, more animated social landscape as the top smartphone cameras focus equally on photo and video quality these days, and video-heavy applications like TikTok have drawn in millions of users.

Because Instagram began as a photo-sharing app and later added video functions, Meta should redesign the programme to better accommodate both features. Instagram, on the other hand, hasn’t forgotten about photos, according to Zuckerberg, who says the company is “working on ways to improve the way they show up in a full-screen Feed too.” That’s fantastic, because using Instagram on foldable phones and other large-screen devices is now a frustrating experience.

“Some people will start seeing this test soon,” Zuckerberg added, without specifying which users will experience the new UI. If you access Instagram in the next days and notice that it looks dramatically different, Meta is urging users to provide feedback on the new interface in any form.

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