In iOS 16, how to edit an iMessage

In iOS 16, how to edit an iMessage
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Prepare to say goodbye to texting typos forever, iPhone users. Users of iMessage can now simply change a text after it has been delivered thanks to the most recent iOS 16 software upgrade.

Yes, you now have the ability to modify it after rapidly typing that text into the ether and immediately regretting how you said it. However, there is a weakness, thus it must be used with caution: Your changes will only be visible if the iPhone that receives your SMS is also running iOS 16 from Apple. You will have to accept any errors your initial message may have had because any earlier software will not be able to alter the message. So, proceed with caution when making modifications.

  1. Click and hold the message that has to be changed.

Long press on the message you regret sending, whether it include an annoying typo or a poor emoji selection. A pop-up menu ought should show up.

  1. Click “Edit.”

Select “Edit” from the menu of options on the message reactions screen. One thing to keep in mind: If you try to modify a text from last week, it won’t work because the edit option doesn’t seem to be available on older texts. Users can only amend messages that have already been sent within 15 minutes, according to Apple.

  1. Enter the changes you want to make in the text box.

Your screen should now display the standard text-entry box with the contents of your previously typed text already filled in. After making any necessary changes, click the blue check mark on the right side.

That’s all it takes, too! There should be a small grey text that says “Edited” next to where the read receipts would normally be. Don’t try to be too sly with your message adjustments; your recipient should also receive this text informing them of the change to the original message.

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