How Soheil Bigdeli Bolded His Name As a Professional carpet weaver

How Soheil Bigdeli Bolded His Name As a Professional carpet weaver

Carpet weaving is one the oldest features of art that has existed since ancient times. In the old times, artists used this art to craft and express their way and philosophy of living. An example is “Pazyryk Carpet”, which is known as the oldest carpet on the earth. According to research, archeologists have correlated the patterns on the Pazyryk carpet, to the ancient Iranian civilization. To be more accurate, civilizations like “Mads” and “Parts”. 

So based on these records, we can easily realize that carpet weaving is in the inward of the Iranian artists from the beginning. 

One of the most successful artists in the carpet weaving industry is “Soheil Bigdeli.” Soheil Bigdeli is a young and prosperous carpet-weaver with a long and flourishing career ahead. 

His real name is “Mohammad Reza Bigdeli” and he was born on September 2, 1979, in “Qom”. While most Iranian handmade carpet weavers inherited this occupation from their parents, Soheil Bigdeli was born into a family that did not know anything about carpet weaving. Based on his virtuosity, a deep passion for the arrangement of figures and colors in the Iranian carpets, and love for his countries culture and art, he started his journey in the carpet-weaving industry. 

Originality, minimalistic interpretation of classical designs, paying attention to the tastes of his audience, and usage of contemporary and trendy colors are the prominent characteristic of this great artist. 

In one of his interviews, he has informed about his method of weaving carpets and the main earmark of his artworks:” I was never a pupil in carpet weaving workhouses. I learned the art of carpet weaving, just by observing and trial and error. I have always tried to add creativity and ingenuity to my productions and artworks.” 

Nowadays, because of their low price and high speed of manufacturing, machine-made carpets are more popular in Iran and the handmade carpet industry is experiencing stagnation and decay. Soheil Bigdeli sees this decay from another point of view and has declared:” I have always believed that the absence of deliberation and reflection in the pre-production stage is the main reason for the decay that we see in the handmade carpet industry. So I often study and search and regularly use some consolations in the pre-production stage, to present a new and creative piece of art.” 

Soheil Bigdeli has a unique and professional point of view, compared to other carpet-weaver and this gives him a great advantage. His carpets have won many awards in a variety of categories and considering his low age as an artist, we can all agree that we can see him as an international artist shortly.

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