Google doodle celebrates Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival

Google doodle celebrates Vietnam’s Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Tt Trung Thu in Vietnamese, acknowledges the year’s abundant harvest while recognising the significance of the moon and sun. It is honored in today’s Doodle.

Many Asian nations now observe the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the Vietnamese version has its own unique customs and tales.

The Mid-Autumn Festival was historically a time for Vietnamese people to thank the moon for a successful harvest season. It was a celebration of the autumn crop. The celebration has changed, though, and now places a strong emphasis on celebrating kids. This focus on youngsters in particular has to do with the harvest. Up until harvest, a lot of parents and family members who work in the fields are quite busy and unable to spend as much time with their kids. So, once all the hard labour is done, Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to show children love.

Electricity is often turned off in towns, leaving only lanterns and moonlight to be seen. Numerous energetic crowds dance, sing, and take in the moon’s magnificent glory as the biggest moon of the year rises.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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