Google doodle celebrates Jamaica’s 60th Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Jamaica’s 60th Independence Day

The Google Doodle of today celebrates Jamaica’s 60th Independence Day. The people of this mountainous island in the Caribbean Sea fought for independence after more than 300 years of British control.

The Jamaica Independence Act, which gave the nation the right to self-government, was approved on this day in 1962. In Jamaica, Emancipation Day is also observed during the same week, kicking off a frenzy of celebrations on the first of the month.

The Jamaica Independence Festival, which takes place in Kingston as the primary event of the week, features a variety of cultural performances. The great procession reflects the joyous nature of Jamaicans with its pounding drums and cheerful reggae music. The World Reggae Dance Final, an occasion produced by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, brings together reggae dance groups from all over the world to perform on one stage during Independence Day festivities.

Intricate headscarves and turbans bearing the green, yellow, and black colours of the Jamaican flag, like the one shown in today’s Doodle, are worn by both men and women while they dance to the music.

Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!

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