Google doodle celebrates 200th Brazil’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates 200th Brazil’s Independence Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Brazil’s Independence Day, which celebrates the nation’s declaration of independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. Brazil ultimately acquired official acknowledgement of its sovereignty several years later, in 1825, with the signing of the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro.

Although Brazil has been inhabited for thousands of years, there isn’t much recorded and verifiable history of the country prior to the entrance of European conquerors.

Brazil was fully conquered by the Portuguese once they made landfall there in 1500. The Portuguese monarch and successor to the throne, prince Pedro, declared independence from his native Portugal in 1822, ending their 322-year reign.

The day is celebrated by thousands of Brazilians in the streets, who wave flags and banners, sing, dance, play football, and engage in other outdoor leisure activities like picnics.

Interesting Facts about Brazil-

  • Brazilwood is a type of tree that gave its name to the nation of Brazil. It is without a doubt Brazil’s national tree.
  • Brazil is the sixth most populous country in the world and the fifth-largest country by area.
  • Brazil is home to around 60% of the Amazon Rainforest, which is known as “the lungs of the Earth” because to the amount of oxygen it produces.
  • To make room for growing palm oil and grazing cattle, the enormous forest is being cleared and burned, though.
  • Brazil is home to 14 cultural and 7 natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Brazil is primarily known to Indians only through their world-beating football team, which has won a record-breaking five world cups.
  • The slogan of Brazil, “Order and Progress,” is printed in Portuguese on each of its 27 stars.
  • Brazil is one of the greatest economies in the world, with a GDP of around US$1.5 trillion. It is also the largest economy in South America. Brazil is a major producer of coffee worldwide.
  • All of the South American nations, with the exception of Chile and Ecuador, have borders with Brazil.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, plays host to the largest carnival in the world each March. Several million individuals take part in it.

In 2022, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence.

Happy Independence Day!

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