Google allows Android tablets a second opportunity with Entertainment Space

Google allows Android tablets a second opportunity with Entertainment Space
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On the off chance that you feel your Android tablet isn’t satisfying its latent capacity, you’ll be happy to hear that Google may have a (partial) solution. The organization has presented an Entertainment Space that gives Android tablets a central hub for videos, games, and books.

To some degree like Google TV, Entertainment Space offers a big-screen interface for both finding new content across your applications and continuing what you as of now have on the go. You can track down another Hulu show, jump once again into Among Us, or complete the process of reading Ready Player Two.

You will not generally need to focus on downloading content outside of streaming services, either. Certain games in Entertainment Space will support instant play, and you can preview books for free like you would shopping from Google’s store.

You’ll must show restraint to attempt Entertainment Space yourself. The new front end will be accessible this month just on Walmart’s Onn-branded tablets. Support will just come to tablets from Lenovo, Sharp, and others later in 2021.

All things being equal, this could be a welcome expansion. Numerous individuals utilize their Android tablets as media players and gaming machines, yet that has usually meant scattering your consideration across various applications that aren’t constantly improved for bigger screens. Entertainment Space not only places all your content in one spot, it expands the chances that you’ll discover and use tablet-friendly apps.

Google may be relying on that last part to ignite Android tablet sales. While tablet sales have blast in general on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, IDC assessed that Android tablets lost market share to Apple’s iPad in the first quarter of 2021 — they’re not making as convincing a case as Google would like.

Entertainment Space could give you better motivations to purchase an Android slate, in any event on the off chance that you want to utilize one to keep engaged while you stay at home.

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