Fornite’s ‘Short Nite’ film festival is returning this week

Fornite’s ‘Short Nite’ film festival is returning this week
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Later this week, the fourth edition of Fornite’s “Short Nite” film festival will begin. The event, which will feature a range of short animated flicks screened in-game, will take place on May 12th, according to Epic Games. There are ten films in all, three of which are world premieres, and Epic will be selling a popcorn-eating emote for a truly immersive virtual viewing experience.

Short Nite’s first version took place on Fortnite’s party royale island, but it has steadily grown in scale, especially with last year’s Halloween-themed edition. 

This year, players can switch between nine distinct custom-built virtual theatres made in the game’s Creative mode via the explore page. You’ll be able to join up to seven people in a group, and the festival will feature picture-in-picture, so you can watch while playing battle royale or other game modes.

Previous festivals have featured a surprising variety of short films, so it’s a nice chance to catch up on some fascinating animation you might otherwise miss. Short Nite will air from May 12th to 16th at 2 p.m. ET.

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