Ford reveals new Mustangs, Ranger, and commercial EV in big Midwest expansion

Ford reveals new Mustangs, Ranger, and commercial EV in big Midwest expansion

As part of a massive Midwestern expansion, Ford announced a $3.7 billion investment in manufacturing sites in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, with the prospect of 6,200 additional union jobs. The carmaker also revealed plans for a new electric commercial vehicle, as well as an updated Mustang and Ranger.

Ford said it will provide instant healthcare coverage to all hourly employees “on day one,” and will convert roughly 3,000 temporary employees to permanent full-time status ahead of schedule, in a joint release with the United Auto Workers. In addition, the company announced that it would invest $1 billion in improving working conditions at its US facilities.

Ford didn’t reveal what kind of new electric commercial vehicle it’s working on, only that it’ll be built in Ohio and debut “mid-decade.” The F-150 Lightning electric truck and E-Transit commercial van, both highly anticipated, went into production recently.

The all-new Mustang coupe, which will be offered globally, and the Ranger truck, which will be available only in North America, will be constructed in Michigan, according to Ford. Ford Blue, the company’s legacy powertrain division, will build both vehicles, which will be gas-powered.

Ford also said it will add employment in Michigan to increase production of the F-150 Lightning, as well as Transit and E-Transit vehicles in Missouri. Ford Model E, the electric vehicle and software division, will be in charge of these vehicles. The corporation separated into two divisions earlier this year to allow its electric vehicle production to move at “startup speed.”

Ford had stated that production of the F-150 Lightning will gradually expand to 150,000 units per year by mid-2023. The first trucks were delivered to customers last week, and by the end of May, the carmaker had delivered and sold 201 F-150 Lightnings, “with many more in transit as volumes continue to ramp up.”

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