Ford just increased the cost of the electrified F-150 by as much as $8,500

Ford just increased the cost of the electrified F-150 by as much as $8,500

Ford will start taking orders for its well-liked F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck on Thursday once more. However, the pickup’s base model will now cost nearly $7,000 more than previously.

When the Lightning originally debuted on sale, the Pro model—the entry-level design primarily designed as a simple work truck—cost roughly $40,000. It now costs around $47,000. Similar price increases apply to more expensive vehicle models, with the most expensive extended range variants costing up to $8,500. The $7,500 federal EV tax credit is presently available to owners of the Lightning. (It’s uncertain if the truck will still be qualified in the future as the regulations governing the electric vehicle tax credit are expected to change as a result of new legislation.)

According to a Ford release, the modification is the result of “significant material cost increases and other factors.” Ford stopped taking retail orders at the end of last year because the demand from customers was beginning to exceed the automaker’s capacity.

The vehicle has been given a few minor upgrades, though. For example, the base model truck’s EPA-estimated range has increased from 230 miles to 240 miles. Fleet buyers may now choose the Special Vehicle Service Package for the base Pro model, which offers items like “police grade” high duty cloth seats.

Additionally, Ford is introducing a new function dubbed Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which, in accordance with Ford, directs the truck automatically to make towing a trailer simpler. According to Ford, it will be included in a $1,400 to $2,000 (depending on the particular truck model) Tow Technology Package and will be accessible on even base versions.

Price increases, particularly for electrified vehicles, are not unique to Ford. The cost of the GMC Hummer EV has lately raised by $6,250 thanks to General Motors.

According to Ford, customers who have truck orders in place won’t be required to pay the new, higher price. However, reservation holders who hadn’t received an invitation to place a confirmed order might be required to pay the additional cost.

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