Ford announces 2021 Raptor’s grille debut date

Ford announces 2021 Raptor’s grille debut date
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Ford’s wicked-fast, desert-running, enormous terrible jumpy boy is getting somewhat of an update for the 2021 model year, and that update is not far off.

What do we think about the 2021 Ford Raptor? Not a ton, frankly. We’ve seen its grille and a piece of its body-in-white, however that is not that accommodating since both looked like past Raptor-ized adaptations of the F-150. We have additionally heard a model adaptations motor note, and it sounded extraordinary.

Along these lines, better believe it, we don’t know a ton, yet we are anticipating a couple of things. We’re speculating that Ford will bring back the V8 for the new Raptor, in any event in a restricted limit, to stay aware of the bonkers Hellcat-powered Ram TRX. We additionally expect that Ford will keep on refining the Raptor’s suspension, seeing as that is the truck’s party piece.

In the event that you need to know more, you’ll need to check out Roadshow on Feb. 3 for all the juicy subtleties.

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