Flipkart responds after customer receives Thomson TV instead of Sony TV worth ₹1 lakh

Flipkart responds after customer receives Thomson TV instead of Sony TV worth ₹1 lakh

Online product delivery is known to be subject to mistakes and misplacements. The majority of the time, customers wind up getting something different from what they bought. A man in a similar case said that he ordered a Sony TV worth ₹1 lakh, but what he got was a Thomson TV. After posting about his experience on X, user Aryan’s story attracted a lot of attention.

Notably, he was looking forward to purchasing a Sony TV during Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale so that he could watch the current ICC Men’s ODI World Cup on a large screen. When the TV turned out to be a cheap model from a different brand, he was taken aback.

“I had purchased a Sony television from Flipkart on October 7th. It was delivered on October 10th, and the Sony installation guy arrived on October 11th. He unboxed the television himself, and we were shocked to see a Thomson television inside the Sony box too with no accessories like stand, remote, etc.” he commented in a post. Along with sharing images of the unboxing, he also mentioned that he raised the problem with Flipkart’s customer service right away, but even after two weeks, it was still unresolved.

“I immediately brought up this issue with Flipkart customer service, and they requested that I upload pictures of the TV. I did as instructed, but they asked me to upload pictures two or three more times, which I did,” he added.

However, the business hasn’t handled his return request, even after he repeatedly uploaded the photographs as asked.

Initially, they assigned me a resolution date of October 24. However, on October 20, they first displayed it as resolved and then moved up the date to November 1. Even though they told me today that the problem has been fixed, my return request has not yet been completed. I’ve been waiting for BBD to purchase a TV so I can enjoy the World Cup on a nice, large screen, but FK’s service has made me really stressed out. Please help,” he continued to write.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you had with the return request,” Flipkart said in response to the man’s widely shared tweet. We want to resolve this for you. To ensure that your order information stay private, kindly send us a direct message.

Interestingly, delivery, which does not allow customers to inspect items at the time of delivery, delivered his television set.

His remark sparked a number of responses, with some users airing similar complaints. “I feel for you, bro,” one user commented. I will never, ever purchase large or expensive electronics from Flipkart. With a phone I ordered, I had a negative experience. However, phones are still controllable. Anything larger will be extremely difficult to manage. I would want to get it from a neighboring retailer.

Another person said, “GoI should impose stricter regulations on online platforms to ensure quick resolutions.” The majority of platforms don’t list customer service email addresses or phone numbers that users might use to get in touch with them if they have any problems. Approach a forum for consumers.

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