Dark Mode on Windows 11: How to Enable It

Dark Mode on Windows 11: How to Enable It

Nowadays, the majority of gadgets let you select between light mode and dark mode for the default display. Dark text is displayed on a light background (often white) in the normal light mode. You’ll notice white text on a black background if you go over to the dark side. Changes to the mode can be made by Windows users under settings.

With some claimed eye health benefits including lowering eye strain and making it simpler to go to sleep at night, dark mode has become very popular over time. You might still want to utilise dark mode if you prefer the appearance, even if our sister site Healthline found such claims to be dubious.

You personally like dark mode since light mode might be uncomfortable for my eyes and because dark mode is more pleasant to look at. Whatever your motivation, switching to Windows 11 is simple and only requires a few simple actions.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 11

  1. Select Settings > Personalization by clicking the Start tile (or just right-click your desktop background and choose Personalize).
  2. Select Colors from the Personalization menu.
  3. Go there. Choose Dark from the dropdown menu after selecting your mode.

If you want separate settings for Windows and apps, you can also select Custom from the selection (e.g. the task bar at the bottom of your desktop).

The colours for your app windows can be changed using the Colors menu if you want even more customization. Use that option to match your desktop backdrop, or simply change the colour of your windows.

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